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金陽製薬株式会社代表取締役挨拶 金陽製薬株式会社企業情報 金陽製薬株式会社沿革 金陽製薬株式会社個人情報保護方針

Message from the president

Dear all

Our company has a history of more than a century as a manufacturer of high-quality and stable medical products with verified safety and efficacy.
Furthermore, we have utilized accumulated know-how and cutting-edge information and technology to concentrate our efforts on quality improvement and new product development to ensure that we are always able to look to the future and meet the needs of all of our customers.
Recent structural changes toward the aging of our society have accelerated. And chronic illnesses presumably caused by our deteriorating environment have been increasing.
While improvement and enhancement of medical facilities have been required to meet these needs, the importance of self-health from the perspective of preventive medicine has been confirmed even more than ever, and there is an undeniable diversity of needs for general medical products.
Based on such circumstances, we have put our utmost efforts in providing safe and stable pharmaceuticals, quasi-pharmaceuticals, and health products that can be trusted by all and meet your health needs. We look forward to your future patronage and mutual cooperation.

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Company information

Techno Nara Factory
〒637-0014 1420 Sugawa-cho Gojo-shi, Nara Prefecture
TEL:0747-22-3451  FAX:0747-25-1232

Gojo Factory
〒637-0061 345 Naka-cho, Gojo-shi, Nara Prefecture

Established August 1931
Incorporated March 1947
President and CEO Director Hideki Kitayama
Capitalization ¥28 Million
Business Line The manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, quasi-pharmaceuticals, nutritional drinks, and health products.
Employees 80
Partner Banks Nanto Bank Gojo Branch
Kiyo Bank Gojo Branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Yamatotakada Branch
Japan Finance Corporation Nara Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank Nara Branch
Techno Nara Factory map
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August 1931 Establishment of Serve Pharmaceutical Laboratories at 168 Futami, Gojo-cho, Uchi-gun, Nara Prefecture by our first company president, Toichiro Kitayama.
March 1947 Incorporation of Kinyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. at the same location.
April 1961 Commenced manufacture of oral formulations in ampoules.
January 1965 Commenced manufacture of pharmaceuticals and nutritional fortification tonic drink.
January 1967 Completed construction of the Kinyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Sakaibe Factory at 345 Naka-cho, Gojo with new manufacturing facilities for tonic drink.
October 1971 Relocation of the Futami Headquarters Factory to merge with the Sakaibe Factory to form the Gojo Factory.
May 1975 Appointment of Hirokazu Kitayama as President and CEO.
July 1977 Completion of Gojo Factory renovation. Revamping of the production line for tonic drink.
October 1984 Revamping of facilities for oral formulations in ampoules.
December 1986 Completion of automation manufacturing facilities for bath formulations.
September 1991 Revamping of the mini-drink fill line.
December 1996 Renewal of permit for manufacture in accordance with new GMP.
March 1998 Acquisition of 8,068 m2 factory site in Techno-park Nara.
December 1999 Completion of Techno Nara factory.
May 2000 Commencement of operation of 100ml drink line,
January 2005 Appointment of Hideki Kitayama as President and CEO.
April 2005 Approval for manufacture and sale of category 2 pharmaceuticals, quasi-pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.
March 2006 Completion of new mini-drink line at the Techno Nara Factory.

Privacy policy

 Kinyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “our company”) recognizes the importance of personal information (individually identifiable information) and strives to follow laws and related regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information. We have established the following basic principles for the proper collection, use and safe management of personal information:


1. Our company follows laws, regulations, guidelines, and other norms in the handling of personal information.

2. In the collection or utilization of personal information, our company clarifies the purpose and appropriately utilizes such information within the bounds prescribed.

3. With the exception of proper cause, such as circumstances based on laws and regulations, etc., our company will not divulge information that you have provided to our company to third parties without your prior consent.

4. Our company takes measures to prevent the falsification, divulgence, loss, damage, improper access, or other inappropriate use of personal information.
Furthermore, we investigate suitable remedies and strive to build a more robust environment.

5. In the event a request for disclosure, correction, or cessation of use has been received from an individual with regard to individual data in our possession, in addition to confirming the identity of the individual, our company will take the necessary measures in accordance with established laws and regulations.

6. Our company strives to disseminate these principles to all employees to ensure that they are implemented and supported.
We also publicize this information to our customers and business partners.


March 2014
Kinyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Hideki Kitayama

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